Organic Herbs

All of #Eliza’s Organics, LLC. fresh herbs are cultivated in house. Starting as an organic seed we grow under grow lights till they are able to bud and show signs of life. Once growing we move to pots in organic soil in our greenhouse, where they continue to flourish.


Chives, a member of the onion family, have a long green stems which grown in dense, hearty clumps. They flourish in spring and fall producing edible leaves and flowers. Chives are often used raw to garnish soups, dressings and dips. Easy to grow, find & use making a wonderful addition to an herb collection.


Basil is sensitive to cold, with best growth in hot, dry conditions. This sweet, aromic herb is popularly paired with a tomato. Basil is one of the main ingredients in pesto and adds a distinctive flavor to salads, pasta, pizza, & other dishes. Traditional uses include the treatment of snakebites, colds, &
inflammation within nasal passages.



Dill or sometimes called Dillweed is a herb used for flavoring food across many cultures. Widely paired with fish, soups and of course pickles, dill adds an aromatic taste. Best used fresh or freeze dried. The oil extracted from seeds, often is used in manufacturing soaps. Dill mixed with some sour cream & cucumbers create a salad called, mizeria.


Parsley is a source of flavonoids and antioxidants, especially luteolin, apigenin, folic acid, vitamin K, vitamin C, and vitamin A. Great as a garnish on potato or rice dishes such as risotto or pilaf. Freshly chopped topping for chicken soup. Over the years, it has been used to treat conditions like high blood pressure,
allergies, and inflammatory diseases



Cilantro fresh leaves are an ingredient in many foods, such as chutneys and salads, salsa, guacamole, and as a widely-used garnish for soup, fish and meat. Coriander roots have a deeper, more intense flavor than the leaves, and are used in a variety
of Asian cuisines, especially in Thai dishes such as
soups or curry pastes.