Hydroponic Lettuce

All of Eliza’s Organics, LLC. lettuces are hydroponically grown, locally in our greenhouse. We currently are running 6 beds and are working on clearing our 2nd greenhouse to add more systems. All of our seeds are organic, we do not use any pesticides or other harsh chemicals. We pull fresh from our rafts and rotate according to our harvest calendar to achieve the fullest heads. Eliza’s is adding new types of lettuce as we can, currently, we are producing 10 variations of lettuces.

Rex Lettuce

A butterhead lettuce that is generally grown to a full size head. Rex receives its name from the sweet buttery flavor & delicate texture of the large, ruffled outer leaves. Cutting into the lettuce reveals a soft, folded, and blanched heart.

Muir Lettuce

Very crisp like romaine, but sweet and juicy, without bitterness. Also known as French crisp or Batavia lettuce, a summer crisp.

Tropicana Lettuce

Tropicana Leaf Lettuce, has ruffled, vibrant green leaves. A tear of the crop is great layered on a sandwich or tossed in a salad.
The leaves form wide rosettes, with a sugary sweet
flavor, and give a desired lettuce crisp texture to the
bite of each meal.

Mini Red Romaine (Tuchas) Lettuce

Or Cos lettuce, has long, broad, upright leaves. Romaine varieties are well known for the hearts at the center of the heads, the outer leaves can also be used in salads, as a tortilla substitute for wraps, and delicious grilled. This hydroponically grown lettuce is crisp and juicy, with a sweetness unmatched by others.

Red Salanova Lettuce

The newest innovation in salad mix production and a superior hydroponic lettuce. Also like it’s green sibling red has a better flavor and texture, and double the shelf life then a traditional baby leaf lettuce.

Green Salanova Lettuce

Great as a salad mix. Harvested as fully matured head, so the flavor & texture have more time to develop. Also has double the shelf life of traditional baby leaf lettuces.

Teodore Lettuce

Sweet Crisp Salanova Lettuce

Oak Leaf Green Salanova Lettuce

Oak Leaf Red Salanova Lettuce

All items are limited to availability depending on harvest.

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