Fresh Vegetables

Some of our produce is grown using a the dutch bucket system at #Eliza’s Organics, LLC. Our produce starts as a seedling in a rock wool plug, and under the grow lights they flourish. The roots anchor within the hydroton, expanded clay pebbles, in the dutch buckets. As the stems grow higher they are clipped to the leaters of roller hooks. As they grow tall the stems are pruned to only allow one vine, which produces a better vegetable or fruit.

Corinto (Cucumber)

This organic hybrid produces very dark green, uniform, slicing cucumbers despite cool weather or heat. Corinto has a small seed cavity. The eatable Skin is thick enough to endure harvesting and handling, but thinner than your average slicing cucumber.

Sakura Cherry Tomato

Real sweet tomato flavor & firmness without being hard. Among the first to ripen, Sakura keeps going all season long. This organic plant gives birth to bright red, shiny, medium to large cherry tomatoes.

Big Dena Beefsteak Tomato

San Marzano Pozzano Tomato

Amish Paste Tomato

Granadero Slicer Tomato

Sprinter Bell Pepper