Our Story

Eliza’s Organics, LLC. was established in 2019 by owners Robert & Lori Beard. They are “home grown”, both raised in the Johnstown, PA area. Gardening is a tradition in Lori’s family and Rob is the original “Rob the Builder”. They started their journey by planting a 30′ x 30′ garden in their backyard field bought from Eliza, a long time family friend, using the techniques Lori had learned from her family. After a few seasons, they decided to try starting their plants from seed just like Lori’s grandfather had done. Rob did research and developed a plan for a basement nursery. Along the way, Rob discovered a “cleaner” way of growing plants without soil known as hydroponics. After trips to the grocers’ produce section, they realized there was a need for clean, locally sourced produce in our area, so they decided to develop Rob’s idea further with a goal of extending the benefits of their farming techniques to their community. After two years of honing their organic hydroponic techniques and skills in a backyard greenhouse and in the basement, and with the support and encouragement of family and friends, Rob and Lori decided they were ready to share their clean healthy produce year round on a larger scale. This led to the purchase of Eliza’s Organics new “HOME” by The Bearded Farmers in December of 2019.


Eliza's Organics, LLC.
800 Millcreek Road, Johnstown, PA 15905
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